Here you will find up-to-date information on how to connect to our server.

(1) Make sure you are running a supported Minecraft version, You can connect to our server with any version between 1.8.x and 1.12.x. Premium players and cracked players can play on our servers, but cracked players must make sure that they are not trying to join with a username which is already in use by a premium player, otherwise you will get an “invalid token” error.

(2) Launch Minecraft and click on the button labeled “Multiplayer“, Now click on “Add Server” and for the server name enter SlothCraft and for the server IP enter “” without the quotes.

(3) Click on SlothCraft in your server list to join our server. Premium minecraft players will be automatically registered and logged in, where as cracked minecraft players will have to register an account using the “/register” command and then login using the “/login” command.

(4) Type “/serverlist” & choose your preferred game mode, Join the server by using the “/go <servername>” command, so if I wanted to join the Survival server, I would type “/go survival“. Get back to the main hub anytime by using the “/hub” command.

(5) You can type “/help” in-game for general help with plugins, if you need more assistance feel free to make a ticket in-game using the “/helpop” command, or make a thread on our forums and we will be glad to assist you.

Thanks for joining SlothCraft! Please be sure to read & abide to the server rules.