Server Rules

You must follow these rules at all times, by joining and playing on our server you agree to follow these rules. Players that break these rules may have their account and IP permanently banned from the SlothCraft network.

(1) No spamming, swearing, accusing players or offensive behaviors will be tolerated. You must treat other players with respect. Use the “/ignore“ command or report them on our forums if there is a problem.

(2) You must report a player if you find out that he or she is breaking one of the servers rules, failing to do so may result in you getting banned as well for being an accomplice.

(3) No advertising other Minecraft servers or posting links to websites with inappropriate/adult content.

(4) No creation of inappropriate content (inappropriate item names, offensive builds etc).

(5) No asking other players for their passwords or any other personal information.

(6) No scamming, griefing, claim trolling or abusing commands to avoid combat.

(7) No cheating, hacking, exploiting or using non permitted mods.

(8) Chargebacks will lead to a permanent IP ban from our network.

(9) Duplicate accounts are not permitted. One account per person.

(10) Impersonating staff members will not be tolerated.