SlothCraft Updates

By iamanangrysloth - Posted Apr 8, 18

Hello from SlothCraft!

Today we are glad to announce our two most recent updates to Slothcraft!

Firstly we have answered to your requests and have added an itemfilter! Every rank is capable of using the item filter and it is pretty simple to use. Just type /filter toggle to turn on the filter and then /toggle edit and begin to customise what you do and do not want in your bags!

Secondly, we are proud to announce that SlothCraft now offers players the chance to get ranks with IN-GAME money ! How cool is that?? If you are interested in finding out the prices in-game then just type /ranks and /rankup to buy the ranks with your in-game money.

Players who /Vote for SlothCraft are rewarded in game with 1 Vote Key and 1 Vote Point. Vote keys can be used at /warp crates and the vote points can be used at /vote shop to purchase in game titles on our server and other rewards will be added with time.

Check out the Contests board on our forums for information regarding the Top 5 Monthly voters and the rewards that you could get by being in the top 5 voters.

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